ACHAFR 30th Anniversary Tour 8, 9, 10 June 2018


    ACHAFR 30th Anniversary Tour 8, 9, 10 June 2018

    In June 2018, RRAF Holland invite their Rotary friends to join and celebrate the30th ACHAFR Anniversary Tour which will be held from June, 8-10, 2018. Optional pre-opening event on Thursday 7th.
    The venue of the ACHAFR Tour is **** Hotel Oud London in Zeist (Provence Utrecht)

    So, there will be no hotel changes during the event
    Zeist is in the middle of Holland and from there all legs will begin and finish.

    The Rally will be a relaxing and enjoyable business.The Tour will combine, rallying, culture, nature and fellowship in a most relaxing event.

    The three-day Tour consists of three legs, that will be driven over the three days.

    • Every day the leg has a different
    • Each leg will cover 150 – 200 kms. 90-125




    Day 1: Royal and Historical Tour

    Several historic places and royal palaces will be part of the range of this day. Including visiting an up to date military museum

    Day 2: Water and Ship Tour
    How did the Dutch cope with the water and their ships? A relieving day for all of us. A boot trip in an antique sailing vessel will be part of this day.

    Day 3: Cultural Tour
    Besides the fantastic scenery we will be acquainted with fine Dutch art collections in a beautiful setting.

    Pre-Tour optional event (limited to 50 participants)
    For those who arrive on Thurday there will be the opportunity to join the pre-Tour event

    Participants will be transferred back and forth by coach to the municipal city Amsterdam to visit the best shopping streets and you will have a tapas dinner at a canal cruise!


    Entry Form 30 th. Anniversary Tour ACHAFR 8,9,10 June 2018

    Drivers Full Name   Rotery/Inner Wheel Club  
    Adress   Country  
    Telephone Home Mobile  
    Passenger 1 Full Name   Rotery/Inner Wheel Club  
    Passenger 2 Full Name   Rotery/Inner Wheel Club  
    Type and number      
    of rooms required Double Single  
    Rally Entree Fees Cover 3 nights 8-9-10 June 2018   Euros €
    The Entry Fee includes: 3 nights accomodation on a dinner(to include wine),  
    bed and breakfast(basis), tea and coffee, all rally administrationcosts with  
    Souvenir rally plates, roadbook and prizes : Cost                  Per Person: 495,-
    Room required Thursdays 7 th June    

    including breakfast (2 persons)



    Optional Amsterdam tour at Thursday 7 june 2018    

    Per Person:



    Member of RRAF or ACHAFR ?      
    Signatur   Date  
    Payment due with booking   Euros € 250,- per equipe  
    Final payment due 01-04- 2018      
    Car Make   Car Model  
    Year   Registration number  

    Please send this Form to :


    Peter Visser      Email:


      Henk Bannink    Email:  

    For our English Friends we are investigating a possibility to pay to the Englisch RRAF to avoid high transfer costs.

    We will inform you later if and how this is arranged.

    2018 ACHAFR 30th Anniversary Tour


    1. Priority will be given to those driving “classic” as opposed to “modern”
    2. All pre-payments will be held in the Dutch RRAF account until deposits are required by
    3. Refunds prior to the final payment date will be subject to an administration cost of 30
    4. Cancellation after the final payment date of 1st April 2018 will result in a total loss of all funds
    5. It is a condition that you take out personal insurance to give cover in the event of cancellation or curtailment, medical costs and
    6. If you do not take out breakdown recovery insurance you are responsible for the repatriation of your vehicle and
    7. By signing the entry form you are agreeing to indemnify the Rotary Retro Automobile Fellowship Netherlands RRAF and the ACHAFR against any costs arising as a result of the conditions in 5 and 6
    8. The Organizer’s reserves the right to alter or refund the booking in circumstances beyond our
    9. The tour is limited to 50 cars, entries will be logged in the order they are received. In the event of more than 50 entries a reserve list will be started. Anyone not accepted because of too many entries will have their deposit returned in


    Signed         …………………………………………………………..

    Date             …………………………………….




    Please send the entry forms:


    To: Peter Visser E-mail:

    CC.: to Henk Bannink treasurer RRAF NL.   Email:

    Payment details: Valuta: Euros € Bank: SNS bank N.V.
    BIC code: SNSBNL2A
    IBAN:  NL74SNSB 0937524778

    To: Rotarian Retro Automobile Fellowship

    Please refer in remarks to: ACHAFR Tour 2018 and your name